Black Lives Matter to Australians

The Black Lives Matter movement is resonating with many of our members and Australian corporations here in the United States. The Australian Community is therefore taking an active role in fundraising to help overcome Inequality.

The money raised will go to conditional grants supporting Education and Mentoring programs that assist disadvantaged high school students; because Black Lives Matter to Australians.

In 2011 The Australian Community established an Education program as part of its 501(c)(3) charitable activities. As a result, our Education program has supported charities here in New York. Specifically, charities that provide mentoring and after school activities for disadvantaged high school students.

In 2016 The Australian Community began engaging with the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience. In 2020 A.I.M.E. is now actively mentoring black high school students in New York. Through its highly effective mentoring program, more disadvantaged high school students can graduate, and go onto College.